Australian Kelpie Kennel
Di Casa Hesselink

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a licensed breeder?

Yes we are.. we are a official recognized breeder at the Enci and FCI.

Do the pup get a pedigree?

Yes, every pup is getting a FCI (Export) Pedigree.

Do you test your dogs on any kind of healthproblems?

We test all the dogs we breed with for HD, ED, Eyes and Heart. They have to be free from diseases before breeding with them.

What about the Dentition from the Kelpie?

The Kelpie is sometimes missing a teeth or molar... We breed only with dogs with full and correct dentition, but unfortunately not all the breeders think this is important  so you still sometimes see this problem coming out in the Kelpie. 

What are the costs for a pup?

The price for a puppy picked up at 8 weeks €1000,- and at 15 weeks €1250,-.